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CTA Engineers. Challenging solutions for engineering and management projects

We are experts in managing the BIM methodology that enables real-time information sharing and more efficient project management.

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Solutions offered by CTA for the different pathologies that can affect an industrial building.


Building and Construction Solutions

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electric Engineering
  • Operational and Managerial Management

Solutions for Enterprise Management and Business Intelingence

Development of decision making tool:

  • Finance
  • Senior management
  • Commercial
  • Customised modules

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Driving the digital transformation of the industry sector

We provide our clients with up-to-date building monitoring in real time via the BIM model. We create 4D simulations of construction and logistics processes to improve the monitoring of construction progress.

Get to know our methodology

Why use BIM in engineering, architecture and construction?

  • Total control over your assets: We implement effective strategies to control and minimise deviations in project budgets thanks to our Business Intelligence tools.
  • Interoperability in data flow: We guarantee data interoperability for smooth and efficient communication between the different systems and actors involved.
  • Real-time building management and maintenance thanks to BIM methodology: We offer solutions that improve the workflows of companies and the construction sector, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Collaborative design and integrated operations: From design to operations, we accompany the entire life cycle of a construction project, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

About us

Digital Industry

We go further in the management and maintenance process of the building during its useful life. Design and legalisation of installations, point clouds and BIM digital modelling, document management and technical management.