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We are characterized by efficiency and trust, which we achieve thanks to the collaborative and technological approach.


CTA Ingenieros


(Building Information Modeling)

Collaborative and intelligent methodology that integrates structured and multidisciplinary data, represented in accurate digital assets throughout their lifecycle. Our industry-leading solutions enable our clients to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs and risks, and improve the quality of their construction projects.

BIM methodology applied to industry

Initial Phase

Civil Engineering

· Point cloud generation : Leica Geosystem
· 3D Current State Modelling and Architectural Design : Revit
· Layout : 3D Improvement Proposal : Revit
· Structural calculations : Pipe Plans : Revit

Mechanical Engineering

· Intelligent PID’s (Detailed) | Autocad Plant 3D
· Layout: 3D Modelling of equipment (Dimensioning) | Inventor
· Piping | Autocad Plant 3D
· Calculations and stresses |
· Autopipe Support | Pipe and
· Revit Isometrics | Autocad Plant 3D
· Autocad Plant 3D bill of materials

Electrical Engineering System Design

· Calculation and optimisation of electrical installations
· Digitisation | E-Plan
· Signage and coding
· Lighting study
· Applications: Dialux | E-Plan | Revit | Autocard | DM

Digital design of the industrial plant

Elect Intermediate Phase

BIM methodology applied to the industry

Technical Directorate Operational Management and Directive

· BIM Coordination
· Projects (Naviswork) | Project Manager
· Technical management | Construction execution
· Commissioning · Sensorisation

Final phase

Activos Digitales

Dashboard | Business Intelligence and AI for decision making

· Development of customised tools | Business Intelligence

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Viewing the updated status of:
· Balance
· Treasury
· Basic indicators: ROE, ROA, FM…

Senior management
Directed to control the monitoring of the strategic plan.

Commercial and Production
Dashboard that allows real-time analysis of both areas and is integrable with Finance.

Custom modules
Possibility of adding extra modules to the dashboard.

BIM building processes

Build with CTA for a global, integrated perspective on architecture, engineering and construction.


Augmented reality in real time.


3D modelled information.

Gestión de obra 4D

4D site management
High efficiency in management

Control de costos 5D

5D cost control
Cost savings at every stage of the project.


6D maintenance
We control budget slippages and maintain.